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About BABA and how to contact us

As a result of the vision of a handful of pioneers and with some inspiration from abroad, the British Artist Blacksmiths Association was created in 1978, with 30 charter members.
The organisation now numbers some 600 full members, with a further 34 receiving the Magazine by subscription only. Our members come from around the globe. Most are professionals, but there are many students, amateurs, organisations and supporters contributing to the overall vitality. BABA is the collected and distilled essence of what makes blacksmiths similar to each other and different from those whose principle interests lie elsewhere. BABA is not exclusive and does not vet membership. In fact, the chief aim of the group is to share the knowledge, experience and fellowship we feel is necessary to maintain and forward the art.
To this end, we:

  • Organise forge-ins and hold an annual conference.
  • Hold master classes.
  • Publish for members a quarterly magazine and monthly newsletter
  • Maintain this website.
  • Offer a competitive insurance scheme.
  • Offer an extensive list of books for sale on ironwork and related subjects.
  • Organise gallery exhibits.
  • Organise the production of large public sculptures in which the talents of as many members as possible are showcased

We welcome your membership should you decide to join us.
You can also subscribe to our magazine without becoming a member, but only if you reside outside of the United Kingdom

Contacting us
For all general enquiries please contact our Secretary
Please contact our Website Administrator with new items, errors and omissions, or comments.
You may contact specific council members using the links or phone numbers below

The BABA Council, 2013/2014

          Steve Rook
           01923 251660
Vice Chair
          Tim Mackereth 
           work/fax 01526 830303 
           home 01526 834672 
          Simon Doyle  

Ordinary Members:
          Alan Perry 
            01545 580806 
          Tony Ingarfield
            07780 668031
          Olly Boyett
            07956 143316

Co-opted Members:
          Lucy Quinnell - 'Artist Blacksmith' Editor
           01372 386453 
          Vincent Jack - Equipment
            01483 235244

In addition to the elected and co-opted Council
Members listed above, the following people carry
out essential duties for BABA:

          Maggie Price - Membership Secretary and Website enquiries
            01545 580806


BABA will accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information given, nor will any responsibility be taken for loss or damage arising out of the use of this information. All images are strictly copyright and may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without the owner's permission.

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New Website Coming

Over the past twelve months we have quietly been creating a new state of the art, world class website for the Association.

The new website launch has been planned in three phases:

Phase 1 – New BABA Membership System – Live now!
Phase 2 – Members’ profile creation facility – Live now! This facility enables you to create or fully update your presence on the BABA website. We would like to have a significant number of BABA members create/update their pages before we launch the main website. This is your opportunity to create the page that a potential customer using the upgraded ‘Find a Blacksmith’ function will be directed to.

Phase 3 – Main website – Launch TBC

New BABA Membership System

When you click on this link you will notice a few changes. The new BABA Membership System makes joining BABA and renewing your membership, both at home and abroad, very much simpler so that you can access all the benefits of being a member of BABA more quickly.



Brand new BABA Books website

Click on BABA Books in the top menu to to take a look.


       Link to          BABA Facebook Group