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The Blacksmith is Back!


The craft of the artist blacksmith is based on the ancient principles of hot forging iron and steel, working with a fire, a hammer and an anvil. Forging provides a means of shaping and joining metal that invests it with a special quality and character, far removed from the mechanical qualities of cut and weld fabrication. But blacksmiths today do more than simply hammering. It is part of their business to visit clients, survey sites, discuss design ideas, provide individual design proposals and make drawings, in addition to making, finishing and installing the work. New methods like computer-aided design, sophisticated welding and cutting systems, and power hammers have added to the capabilities of modern blacksmiths, but have not compromised the hand skills that lie at the heart of the craft.

The work of blacksmiths covers an extraordinary range, both in scale and application. Blacksmiths today are making gates, railings and staircases; sculpture for city centres, private homes and gardens; chairs and tables, doorknockers, light fittings and hinges; bowls, bottle openers and jewellery.

This site is dedicated to promoting artist blacksmiths and the art of blacksmithing internationally. Here you can find the work of members of the Association; find a blacksmith in your area; join the organisation as a blacksmith, amateur or enthusiast; if you live outside Great Britain you can simply subscribe to our magazine. If you want to learn blacksmithing, you can discover different training courses; buy books and visit hundred of links to websites which offer a window into the world of blacksmiths and blacksmithing. Enjoy your visit!






Above: Pedestrian bridge railing, by D. Andrew Rowe

Centre: Forged candle stands, by James Price

Right: Gate, by Brian Russell

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Over the past twelve months we have quietly been creating a new state of the art, world class website for the Association.

The new website launch has been planned in three phases:

Phase 1 – New BABA Membership System – Live now!
Phase 2 – Members’ profile creation facility – Live now! This facility enables you to create or fully update your presence on the BABA website. We would like to have a significant number of BABA members create/update their pages before we launch the main website. This is your opportunity to create the page that a potential customer using the upgraded ‘Find a Blacksmith’ function will be directed to.

Phase 3 – Main website – Launch TBC

New BABA Membership System

When you click on this link you will notice a few changes. The new BABA Membership System makes joining BABA and renewing your membership, both at home and abroad, very much simpler so that you can access all the benefits of being a member of BABA more quickly.



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