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It is intended that the links below are interesting, useful and cover a wide spectrum of sites associated with the craft of blacksmithing.  If you have any suggestions for links to add, please use the mail icon on the 'Home' page.

Individual BABA members' forges and Education and Training Providers have links to their websites in their BABA Directory entries:

Links to useful sites and social media

Slack Tub Pub
Chat room for blacksmiths, run by Anvilfire (see their general link in the "Organizations" section).

HammerTyme Blacksmith Forum

Forums and discussion on various topics for the beginner, and more advanced blacksmith.

The ABANA YouTube Channel

The Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America's YouTube channel, featuring some informative and instructional videos.

Mark Aspery's YouTube Channel 

Professional American blacksmith offering various tutorials for tools and other pieces from ABANA's curriculum.


Ancient Iberian blacksmithing and locksmithing
A large gallery of good photos of superb work from medieval to 18th c. Spanish ironwork

Brewery Arts Centre
Website of Arts Centre with mixed media exhibitions (may or may not have smithing work on display)

Fire and Iron Gallery
A Mecca for metal maniacs. Run by Lucy Quinnell, Fire and Iron is the premier metalwork gallery in the UK

Saltbox Gallery
A new Gallery in North Yorkshire featuring works by many artist blacksmiths (amongst others)


ABANA - Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America
Extensive site with much info from across the pond

Building Conservation Directory
Of use to those engaged in historic architectural work

Eastlake and Beachell
Independent insurance brokers and financial advisors. Specialist insurance schemes for Farriers and Blacksmiths.

Henry Cort Project in Fareham
Part of the Fareham Council's website, detailing an ambitious and successful big-iron project

German blacksmithing magazine, some English content.

International Association of Designing Blacksmiths
In German

Irish Artist Blacksmiths Association
Our purpose is to promote, encourage, advise and help artist blacksmiths and decorative metal workers working in Ireland.

Mesothelioma Prognosis
Since asbestos has the ability to resist heat and fire, the harmful material was commonly used to fireproof forges and protect those that worked around them, including blacksmiths. Clothing and gloves that were worn by blacksmiths also often contained asbestos in order to protect the individual's body from heat and sparks. Small asbestos fibers could have been inhaled, potentially leading to mesothelioma. Mesothelioma Prognosis is a resource which covers all aspects of the horrible disease including the causes, diagnosis, and prognosis.

National Heritage Ironwork Group
NHIG is campaigning to set standards for competence in the restoration of Great Britain's vast heritage of historic ironwork

National Ornamental Metal Museum
in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

North Texas Blacksmith's Association
An ABANA chapter with an interesting website
A site on Asbestos related disease and causes. Asbestos was used a great deal in the blacksmith industry up until the 1980s for its heat resistant properties. Many people who worked with and around asbestos in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are only now being diagnosed with mesothelioma due to its long latency period.

UK Steel Association
What it is, where to buy it, how it's made, technical publications, links... A site dedicated to our favourite material


Alexander Weygers
Site dedicated to the deceased author, blacksmith, sculptor, engineer and ecologist who helped pioneer the rebirth of smithing. Info on his books.

Astragal (formerly Skipjack) Press
Many books of interest to smiths... But check our own Books page first please!

Blacksmiths Gazette

Two good magazines 

Brain Press
Charles Lewton-Brains' Website: If you're into jewellery making, repoussee or small scale metal, this is for you. Charles demonstrated his fold forming process to BABA at our 25th Anniversary AGM to much acclaim.

ESI - publisher of External Works
This is an advertising service which links contractors to buyers - excellent for gaining access to councils and architects, for example

Good Metalwork Guide
Submit your suggestions for exceptional British pieces to be included in this compendium 

Site for the superb German based magazine on the art of forged iron. Enough English translations to keep you reading for hours.

Mumford Books
Antiquarian, quality second-hand books for sale. Blacksmithing and engineering are among the subjects collected by this specialist

Woodhead Publishing
Good technical books purchasable online 

Specific Technical

Seller of specialist steels, many data sheets on steels

Forge and Burner Designs
Loads of information and plans (part of the Metalsmiths Ring)

Metal Finishing UK
Info from the specialists

Metal Finishing USA
Info from the specialists

The Golden Mean
Everything you were afraid to ask about on this subject


Abacus Construction Index
A listing of building products suppliers which any smith doing architectural work would do well to join

lively US metalworking information resource, well-stocked and often updated.

Arador Armour Library
Very impressive site. Information on learning to make armour; discussion board

Armour Archive
The strange and wonderful world of armour making, at your fingertips

ArtMetal Project
Now just an archive, but it is still a huge resource of metalworking info.

Blacksmith's Ring
Now administered by Anvilfire, a ring of interconnected smithing sites.

Doors Resource UK
Sister site to Abacus Construction, with info on doors and suppliers of door fittings - a good list for smiths to join

Elektric Anvil/Blacksmith's Compendium
(Now at Celtic Knot).Mostly an archive, but a big one

I Forge Iron
Another impressive blacksmithing resource with galleries, forums, how-to projects, tools, tricks and information.

Lytton Creek Blacksmiths
Pretty much an archive now, but still interesting

Metal Weight Calculator
Choose your alloy, cross-section and length and it will give you the weight.

Scottish Ironwork
A celebration of the Scottish ironwork tradition.On this site you will find historical information on Scottish Foundries and ironworkers, a searchable online database, a discussion forum, technical information area and a special features page.


B&S Massey Limited
Forging Machinery of all shapes and sizes

Glendale Forge
UK provider of smiths tools - interesting on-line catalogue

KA 75 Striking Hammers
Unique pneumatic striking hammers (American)

Massey Anyang
Massey's import enterprise selling new high-quality one-piece power hammers

Sahinler Air Hammers (Ironwood, LLC / Brian Russell Designs)
US dealer in big Turkish made hammers

Sheffield Tool Collection
Info about the worlds largest collection of Sheffield-made tools. Not many photos.

StrikerTool Company
US supplier of Chinese forging hammers and other useful things

UK provider of smith's tools