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British Artist Blacksmiths Association Diary


Douglas Pryor Masterclass
to Nov 2

Douglas Pryor Masterclass

We are Excited to welcome Douglas Pryor, renowned sculpting, raising and repoussé Artist, to the UK this October, who will be teaching a masterclass at 9 venues across the UK. (Exeter to be conformed.)

“Douglas Pryor is a raising and chasing artist using chisels to sculpt metal. With a particular focus in exploring and pushing the natural boundaries of what a single unbroken piece of material can create. Using recognizably traditional human powered techniques to revitalize the relationship homo-sapien has with raw materials. Traditions are only as healthy as the people who keep them alive, and that is the journey I want to share. I want to share the collective effort of breathing new life into these human metalworking techniques. “ 

douglas pryor dates snip.jpg

Masterclass tickets are

  • £75/day for BABA Members

  • £100/day for Non-Members

  • Seminar Tickets are £35/day

Prices do not include food or accommodation

These workshops will have the tooling and materials provided but you are welcome to bring a few of your own things if you have that favourite hammer that you will not be parted from. Be prepared to do a little drawing and sculpting, please bring ear protection and suitable clothing.

For all booking inquiries please email:

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2nd Storrs Wood Forge In
11:00 AM11:00

2nd Storrs Wood Forge In

BABA is revisiting Storrs Wood for a second round of forging under the trees!

We have been asked this time to forge scythes and billhooks etc to use in clearing and maintaining the wood and as a nod back to the history of the area.

Camping onsite is available and there are also lots of pubs and accommodation in the area.

There may be a small charge to contribute towards the cost of coke and en9

If you’re interested in attending, please contact Ned Willett on 07476065545 or email at

So, I can know the numbers of forges etc needed.

The site address is:

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Bringsty Forge-In
to Mar 31

Bringsty Forge-In

  • Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Forge-In 30th March 2019

Bringsty Forge's almost annual Forge-in!


Our forge-in 'fun' competition this year will be announced on the day as necessity is the mother of invention.

The idea is to make a piece of forge work that is inspired by the title in a few hours with everyone else getting in the way and using just the piece of kit that you need --- No problem!

We will have at least 6 fires going during the day with extra anvils so plenty of opportunity to have a go and also loads of time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Just bring some of your favorite hand tools.

If you are new to Blacksmithing and you've never been to a forge-in its a great chance to get involved and to meet up with and have a go with those of us who've been getting it wrong for a bit longer!!

Playtime starts around 9am and finishes when everyone has gone home to bed.

Bring some food to share for lunch and something to put on the BBQ in the evening. Henry will be available as your chef for the evening - he cooks a mean sausage!

Don't forget to bring the liquid refreshment of your choice.

We will supply tea coffee all day plus buns and salad for the BBQ.

PS If you want to stay overnight over the weekend Adrian has space for camping and plenty of floor space available for sleeping bags and will be cooking breakfast on Sunday. How can you refuse!


Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths




Contact Details

It would be helpful to know how many are coming so please email or ring to let us know.

01885 482572

07921 083231

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Adrian, Henry and Tony

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to Oct 29

BABA @ Ferrous 2017 (BABA AGM and Conference 2017)

  • BABA AGM & Conference 2017 including the 'Transition' and 'Forge' exhibitions (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Our 2017 Conference and AGM will be a lecture-based event hosted by Hereford College of Arts as part of Ferrous 2017 on the 28 & 29 October 2017.

There will also be an opportunity to see two major exhibitions of forgework: ‘Transition’ and ‘Forge’, which will both be open in Hereford, in the Cathedral and Museum respectively.

It will be a weekend full of presentations and talks from a range of international smiths and organisations including:

Professor Richard Smith (USA)

Patrick Quinn (USA)

Christoph Friedrich (Switzerland)

Ratho Byres Forge (Scotland)

Martin Avery (Wales)



Transition Exhibition @ Hereford Cathedral


Thirty-five artworks from fifteen countries are presented; selected artworks were made in response to an open brief based around themes of 'transition'. The brief was purposely written to encourage a breadth of potential creative responses and outcomes.

Forge Exhibition @ Hereford Museum

Contemporary forged metal design is an emerging, innovative international discipline. This exhibition, curated by Delyth Done, represents a paradigm shift from the traditional discourse of the blacksmith and breaks new ground by synthesising and articulating the practice of creative and conceptual working with forged metal.

For further information, please contact Tim Puddephatt on the Events Team 07816 615762



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10:00 AM10:00

Bronze Forging and Polishing Masterclass

Bronze Forging and Polishing Masterclass with Andy Hopper.

With guest lecture by Ian Moody, Metallurgist with Columbia Metals.

Andy Hopper will cover the subject of heating and forging two different types of bronze, primarily Coldur-A Silicon Bronze, which is used in the architectural and sculptural disciplines for its aesthetic and physical characteristics. Andy will also demonstrate the final polishing of silicon bronze.

Ian Moody will be giving an in depth two-part lecture on the metallurgy of bronzes and will also talk about fabrication, patination and the interaction of bronzes with the environment.

One-day masterclass. Attendants must bring their own safety boots and safety glasses, disposable ear buds will be provided.

Entry to the forge will not be allowed without these, without exception.

Tea and coffee provided, bring packed lunch.

Tickets are available on our members pages:

New Forge Barn
Parley Green Lane
BH23 6BB

Price for Members £31, Students £25, Non-members £45

Arrive at 10:00am for 10:30am start, lunch 12:45-1:30pm, finish 4:00pm

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Ypres 2016
to Sep 6

Ypres 2016

Bookings for this landmark event are now open and can be made via The delegate fee for participating blacksmiths is just £75, $110 or €95. Incredible value for what promises to be the forging event of the decade! To help the organisers PLEASE register as soon as possible:

The organisers are keen to make this spectacular event as inclusive and accessible to as many blacksmiths as possible, hence the single flat fee for the event to keep costs for everyone to a minimum.  You’ll pay the same delegate fee if you attend for 1 day or all 6 days, so it makes sense to attend the whole event and make the most of a great opportunity to meet, chat and work with fellow smiths from across the world.

Participants will be able to work alongside one of thirteen international masters or one of twelve international open design competition winners in the production of twenty five railing panels. The star-studded global cast of panel designers includes Francisco Gazitua (Chile), Ambrose Burne (UK), Philip Vercammen (Belgium), Achim Kuhn (Germany), Alexander Sushnikov (Russia), Benjamin Kjellman-Chapin (Norway), Egor Bavykin (Russia), Paolo Bettoni (Italy), James Makely (USA), Jeffrey Funk (USA), Ondrej Gela (Czech Republic), Patrick Pelgroms (Belgium), Paul Mikula (South Africa), Peter de Beus (Belgium), Roberto Giordani (Italy), Sandra Dunn (Canada), Shona Johnson (Scotland), Steven Laurijs (Netherlands), Takayoshi Komine (Japan), Vladimir Sokhonovich (Russia), Will Maguire (Australia), Ivan Kadochnikov (Russia), Kheir Aker (Palestine), Jacob Haggerty (UK) and Ming Dong Feng (China).

Details of their designs are at The finished panels will surround a 7m Poppy Cenotaph to be installed at the German cemetery at Langemark-Poelkapelle near Ypres, for which site preparations are already well underway.

The event will also include children’s forging activities, as part of which some of the 2016 poppies that will cover the base of the Cenotaph will be forged. Others will be sold to the public.

Transitions Exhibition

Ypres2016 will also include a major international exhibition of contemporary forged ironwork, the theme of which is ‘Transition’, giving exhibitors the opportunity to explore the huge range of artistic possibilities suggested by the multiple transitions that the First World War brought about.  The Transition exhibitors include Achim Kuhn (Germany), Fritz Kuhn (Germany), Agnieszka Mazur (Poland), Alan Dawson (UK), Ambrose Burne (UK), Arran Lang (UK), Benjamin Kjellman-Chapin (Norway), Brian Russell (UK) Charles Normandale (UK), Christian Vaughan-Jones (Wales), Daniel Moss (UK), Daniel Randall (USA), Dick Quinnell (UK), Dimitrii Volkov (Russia), Egor Bavykin (Russia), Erik Gjenden (Norway), Fred Truus (Norway), Gabriel Chaille (USA), Ivan Snauwaert (Belgium), Jeffrey Funk (USA), Joshua A. Goss (USA), Lesek Sikon (Poland), Lucille Scott (UK), Mathieu Pelletier (France), Naoto Uda (Japan), Nils Hint (Estonia), Patrick J. Quinn (UK), Peat Oberon (UK), Peter Smith (UK), Philip Vercammen (Belgium), Roberto Giordani (Italy), Ryszard Mazur (Poland), Sandra Dunn (Canada), Steffen Lempp (Germany), Steve Phillips (Australia), Takayoshi Komine (Japan), Tim Mackereth (UK), Tony Ingarfield (UK), Vladimir Sokhonovich (Russia) and Will Maguire (Australia). For more information, go to


To help the organisers PLEASE register as soon as possible. Registered delegates will be contacted in due course and provided with a detailed programme of the forging sessions. Please note that here is no guarantee that registering as a delegate will secure the opportunity to work with a specific master or on a specific forging team. Individuals will be selected by ballot and will then be contacted by the Forgemaster with more details.

Unlike many similar forging events, there is no delegate fee for non-blacksmiths and their families. However, any donations in lieu of this, the purchase of a forged poppy or other commemorative items, will be very welcome. All donations will go towards funding the project and can be made via the ‘donate & buy’ button at

The delegate fee does not cover food and accommodation, but the event website has plenty of information on the different options available.

For further information on the event, please go to:

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ROOT 1066 International Festival - BABA Conference & AGM 2016
to Jul 10

ROOT 1066 International Festival - BABA Conference & AGM 2016

ROOT 1066 International Festival

Blacksmiths on the Beach

The Stade Open Space, Hastings, East Sussex

Please visit
for tickets and more details of the timetable of events.

ROOT 1066 is a major contemporary, multi-form art festival that will mark the 950th anniversary of one of the most famous dates in English history, that of the Battle of Hastings, when the path of English and European history was irrevocably changed. Organised by Hastings Borough Council with the support of Arts Council England, the festival will feature new commissions and collaborative projects involving national and international artists that will offer new perspectives on the legacy of 1066.


The BABA Events Team, working in collaboration with Hastings-based metal artist Leigh Dyer, recently succeeded in securing funding that will enable the Association to organise a weekend-long forging event as part of this high-profile festival. The forging activity will focus on the production of a large scale artwork designed by Leigh Dyer and Tim Puddephatt. Leigh already has several well-known public sculptures in the town. 

 The event will offer us great public exposure as it is taking place at The Stade Open Space (‘Stade’ being an old Saxon word for ‘landing place’), located at the edge of the beach in the heart of the Old Town and right next door to the Jerwood Gallery.

BABA Children's Forging will be a key attraction at the event, and children will be able to have a go at blacksmithing in a child-friendly forging environment, with the guidance of experienced Children's Forging teachers Robert and Carol Smith.

 For more details and to buy tickets, please go to:


For further details contact the BABA Events Team:

Tim Puddephatt
tel: 07816 615762


The pen and ink illustration of the net-drying huts at Hastings is used by kind permission of Claire Fletcher

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BABA Annual Conference - 'Festival of Sculpture' - and AGM
to Aug 9

BABA Annual Conference - 'Festival of Sculpture' - and AGM

  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Longside Gallery (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

BABA  Annual Conference - ‘Festival of Sculpture’ - Friday 7 to Sunday 9 August 2015, at Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JX. BABA AGM at 1.30pm on Sunday 9th August at the same venue.

Online ticket shop now open


Registration for booked delegates will open at 12 noon on Friday 7 August at Longside Gallery; when you register you will be able to sign up to take part in the ‘collaborative pairs’ project that we have organised specially for this year’s event


Dr. Helen Pheby, Senior Curator at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, will be giving a talk on the new Anthony Caro exhibition at 4pm on Friday at Longside Gallery (not one to miss - see Yorkshire Sculpture Park's website for details of this and other upcoming events:


We will be running a series of 8 lectures during the event which will include a talk from the team organising the 2016 event at Ypres, a drawing lecture by Peter Parkinson, and a drawing workshop by Kate Maddison.


These will be free to delegates, but charged to any attending public.


There will also be a Drawing Contest, see below for details.


Forging and other craft demonstrations will run throughout the weekend, the main focus being on blacksmith delegates working in pairs with craftspeople in other materials to produce sculptures on the theme of ‘Collaboration’.


Other craftspeople will be demonstrating what they do in a contemporary setting, and joining us all for a BBQ and beer on the Saturday night.

This will be a perfect opportunity to network and socialise with other contemporary craftspeople, make friends and contacts; and share skills and ideas.


The BABA Annual General Meeting itself will take place after lunch on Sunday 9 August at 1.30pm, and of course will be accessible without charge to all BABA  members, whether attending the Conference or not.


We are running this as a break-even event and so please find your own accommodation - the following is available nearby:

Camping is available on an adjacent field at £10 per pitch per night (vans allowed). You can book camping when you book your tickets. – search for Travelodge Wakefield Woolley Edge M1, they have a northbound and southbound site within 2 miles of the site.

Tel: 08719846179

Nearby towns: Wakefield, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Leeds and Sheffield are within 40 - 60 minutes by car.

The No.96 bus goes direct to YSP from Barnsley and Wakefield – for times.


The nearest railway station is Darton, about 3 miles away.  Main line stations at Barnsley, Wakefield and Dewsbury.


YSP's “Find us” page provides more information:


Parking will be available free of charge for delegates at Bretton Country Park, and the YSP shuttle bus will run between the main YSP site and the BABA Conference site at Longside Gallery every half an hour via Bretton Country Park, between 10am and 5 pm.

Ticket prices:


Member price: £90


Spouses and children over 12: £20


Children (under 12): free


Student Member Price: £70


Non-Members: £125


Ticket includes:


Ticket price includes all activities over the weekend (Demo's, Lectures, etc.) and BBQ on Saturday evening.


Full catering is an additional ‘optional extra’ charge of £54 for the weekend, providing the following meals: Friday evening, Saturday breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast and lunch.

If you have any queries, please contact the conference organisers at

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9:30 AM09:30

BABA Professional Development Seminar

The event will take place at Hereford College of Arts, Folly Lane, Hereford HR1 1EB


The speakers at this event will be:

Pete Mosley  

Pete works as a coach and mentor for creative businesses and, as its business editor, is a regular contributor to Craft and Design Magazine. Pete has 30 years’ experience of working with creative businesses and individuals, helping make the best of their creativity, their businesses and themselves. You can find more information on Pete and his work at

Make your Creativity Pay - a talk and workshop  

Based on the book of the same name, this talk is aimed at creative individuals who want to earn their living from their craft - be that blacksmithing, videography, cake-making or textile design. The talk explores what Pete calls the immutable truths of creative self-employment - the relationships you need to build and the things you need to do and pay attention to in order to start and sustain your business successfully.

This talk is delivered in two sections - an insight into how Pete’s career has developed and the twists and turns along the way, followed by an interactive workshop that explores the ‘immutable truths’. This allows individuals to think through their own unique responses to these themes. Everyone leaves with food for thought.

“Fascinating, utterly informed, I’m motivated to do more..” Workshop participant.

Emily Miller

Emily set up Marshall Walker Associates as an independent LinkedIn® training organisation. Emily is an experienced business to business (B2B) marketer and business developer. She has worked as a Marketing and Business Development Director in the professional services sector for over 15 years and has an MBA from the London Business School.

Using LinkedIn to promote your business

LinkedIn® is a powerful marketing and business development tool, especially for B2B businesses and professional services. Emily's presentation will demonstrate just how powerful a tool LinkedIn® is and how you can effectively use it to the advantage of your business.

Heather Gorringe 

Heather speaks world-wide about entrepreneurship and social media. Her talk will be of great interest to those who wish to maximise the business opportunities offered by their web site and their social media presence.

Using social media to promote your business

Heather runs two small businesses in rural Herefordshire - Wiggly Wigglers ( and The Great British Florist ( Living in a village with a population of 63, Heather realised that passing trade was a definite no no...  In fact, there are more cows than humans! Desperation is a great form of inspiration, so back in 1996 she set up her very first website and was trading online by 2001. 

As soon as there was a hint that the internet was to become a more two way conversation, in 2007 she gained a Nuffield Scholarship to study social media. Since then she has been using many tools such as Facebook and Twitter to benefit her own businesses in a variety of ways - sales, marketing, brand building and most importantly - listening. Her presentation will share these methods and ideas with you with a view to helping your business benefit from the web - as it is now in 2014.

You can find out a little about Heather Gorringe at, but if you Google her, you can see just how lively her online presence is.

Nick Fleming

Nick is a highly respected professional photographer whose work can be seen at Those who attended his excellent session at the 2013 AGM will know just how practical and valuable the advice is that he can offer on photographing our work. A little closer to the event we will canvass your questions on photographic problems you may have encountered ready for Nick’s presentation and practical workshop.


This not-to-be-missed event is open to BABA members only. Tickets cost just £ 35.00 or £25.00 for student members.

As this event is an available to BABA members only, you need to log-in to the membership system before being able to buy a ticket. To log in, your user name is your email address. If you don't know your password please use the 'forgot password' link on the log-in page. Please click on the button below which will open a new window:


Once logged in return to this page. To buy a ticket, please click on the button below to buy a ticket by credit or debit card. You will receive email confirmation of your purchase within a couple of minutes


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